Main information

Total investment
€ 55,000 - 100,000
Franchise fee
€ 15,000 - 30,000

About the company

Award-winning Italian gourmet street food concept serves Natural yogurt, chocolate in 72 varieties, hot and cold creams, pastries and drinks, Coffee and other Italian truly good food, using an innovative process to create healthy, tasty and traditional products. Ciocoyò passionately believe that food is central to enjoy life. Ciocoyò mission is to give everyone the chance to find a moment during a busy day to savor a slice of passion.

Ideal candidate

The Ciocoyò franchising is for everyone who loves high quality food and wants to sell premium products with amazing customer service. There are numerous advantages on opening a Ciocoyò store:

  • You will work with the best brands in the food industry
  • Ciocoyò will deliver the products to your new store
  • Large guaranteed profits
  • Minimal initial investment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High quality products, exclusive to Ciocoyò
  • High profits no overproduction
  • Ciocoyò consultants will provide you with all the assistance needed for optimize your Ciocoyò store
  • Agreements and discounts with the top brands in the food sector
  • Ciocoyò operate internationally

Training & Support

Ciocoyò will provide you with following support:

  • Legal Support
  • Business Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Training for Products
  • New products research

Also you will get:

  • Property scouting assistance
  • Planning and design of your Ciocoyò
  • Ciocoyò will take care of setting up the shop and train your staff
  • You will have the Ciocoyò exclusivity on the agreed area to avoid competition
  • Phone support during the standard working hours
  • IT setup of your Ciocoyò
  • Ciocoyò will take care of training your staff in one of Ciocoyò stores before they start working on yours
  • Loyalty card that will allow users to make orders online in advance using the latest technologies Ciocoyò app will allow any client to place orders from their mobile phone!
  • Assistance during the opening stage of your new store

Additional information

There are 2 sizes of Ciocoyò stores:

  • Takeaway & Premium Size: 80 sqm. Prefered location: High Streets
  • Takeaway Size: 25-30 sqm. Prefered location: Shopping malls, cinema, train stations, airports