Main information

Total investment
€ 10,000 - 15,000
Franchise fee

About the company

“Dzintars” is the largest manufacturer of perfumery and biocosmetics in the Baltic states and Scandinavia. A company that was founded in 1849 today is a well-known and respected representative of the European Union cosmetics industry. The enterprise is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, has its own research centres and unique laboratory developments of perfume and cosmetic products, and plant extract manufacturing. “Dzintars” is proud of the team of its highly skilled specialists – perfumers, chemists and microbiologists and designers. In the development of new cosmetic products always participate toxicologist, dermatologist and ophthalmologist that are in the company’s staff. New products are tested using a certain method in a special instrumental laboratory. “Dzintars” is a member of the International Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics COSMEBIO. The lines of natural and organic cosmetics of the brand are certified by the French company ECOCERT.

One of the core values of the enterprise is using natural raw materials. To ensure high efficacy of cosmetic products, plants for the obtaining of extracts are bought in the countries of their origin – aloe from Mexico, ginseng from China, Altai sea buckthorn from Altai. Extracts are made by the enterprise according to the unique soft technologies. Therefore, the motto of the brand “Primum non nocere” inscribed on the coat of arms of the enterprise in the Latin language means “Do no harm!’.

The highest quality of products of “Dzintars” is noted by a vast number of awards among which there are gold medals from exhibitions in Brussels, Chicago, Paris. In the arsenal of the enterprise there is the most prestigious and very rare international award for Innovative Enterprises – WIPO Trophy for Innovative Enterprises founded by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (a specialised agency of the United Nations). The catalogue of “Dzintars” lists more than 1,000 cosmetic and perfume items of different trends represented in the average and high price categories:

• products for body, face and hair care;

• decorative cosmetics;

• male and female perfumes.

In Latvia, “Dzintars” has its own retail network counting 46 stores. A franchising network of the company’s stores (more than 60 stores in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Bulgaria) works abroad.

Ideal candidate

  • Previous retail of cosmetic and perfumery experience is not necessary, but preferred.
  • You are communicative and open-minded.
  • You are highly motivated and aim to ensure that your ambition and your efforts will be rewarded.
  • You can create and manage an organization that effectively recruits, trains, retains and motivates a high performing team.
  • A high degree of quality awareness and a sense of responsibility as well as customer-orientated thinking are natural for you.
  • You have an investible equity (approx. EUR 10.000,- to EUR 20.000).

Training & Support

  • Individual design project for store;
  • Technical documentation for the production of commercial equipment and furniture;
  • Management of corporate identity store;
  • Free training at the training center Dzintars in Riga, providing a set of training
  • materials (travel and accommodation not paid);
  • Calculation of stage order (for the primary commodity content store);
  • Working Manual (standards of customer service, merchandising product placement, uniforms for sale persons, politics marketing campaigns, maps loyal customers, gift cards);
  • Starting Included Parts layout of promotional materials (typical layouts for posters and publications)

Additional information

Return on Investment (in months): 18-24

Number of total units: 107  (46 company owned units + 61 franchise units)

 Number of employees required in 1 unit:  3