Main information

Total investment
From € 224,000
Franchise fee
€ 35,000
6 %

About the company

IL Patio is a network of family restaurants with traditional dishes of Italian cuisine cooked by our Italian chef according to unique recipes. We keep the principle “quality is higher than the price” making sure that IL Patio retains it’s leading position on the market and continues to be the proven quality standard.

Ideal candidate

  • Experience of entrepreneurial activity
  • Desire to work within the IL Patio brand standards
  • Availability of sufficient investments

Training & Support

  • Construction support
  • Procurement and logistics support
  • HR support (personnel trainings on the basis of own unique university with a governmental license, opening team that consists of the best employees of our corporate restaurants, discounts on additional professional trainings, online trainings, regular motivational competitions)
  • Marketing support
  • Operations support

Additional information

  • Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5
  • Marketing fee: 1,5 %
  • Return on Investment (in months): From 24
  • Number of employees in 1 unit: From 24
  • Number of total units: 119 (October 2018)