Main information

Total investment
€ 260,000
Franchise fee
€ 26,000
5 %

About the company

The chain of democratic restaurants Little Japan with copyright cuisine was founded in 2004.

Decoration of the halls corresponds with the city café format, providing an opportunity for an intense connection with Japanese culture. Unique interior of the Little Japan franchise brightly stands out on the background of other Japanese cuisine restaurants. The idea draws on the image of dynamic night Tokyo flooded by the sea of lights, providing an array of positive emotions.

The menu of the franchise offers the whole range of tastes of the copyright cuisine of the Country of the rising sun. Guests of the restaurants can sample different popular dishes, such as sushi and rolls, traditional Asian soups, a wide array of salads, snacks and hot dishes which are cooked quickly and delicious.

Ideal candidate

Little Japan expects You to have:

  • a strong motivation to do business
  • previous experience in food business (is not required, but will be considered as an advantage)
  • willingness to be successful
  • a strong will to achieve the goal

Training & Support

Little Japan will provide following support:

  • Franchise package
  • Individual support on the restaurant setup and opening stage
  • Free personnel training
  • Assistance in restaurant’s operation

Additional information

Additional fees: advertisement contribution 2% (for promotion of your restaurant)

Return on Investment (in months): 30-36

Number of total units: 2  (1 company owned unit + 1 franchise unit)