Main information

Total investment
€ 5,000 - 10,000
Franchise fee
€ 15,000
€ 250

About the company

LOL&POP is young and dynamically developing confectionery company. It’s specializing on handmade candy: hard candy, marshmallows, caramel and jelly candy. All products are 100% handmade, without using any machinery. The outstanding difference is that in LOL&POP all products are made from natural ingredients without adding any artificial colors and flavors, only natural products.

As you can see from the name LOL – is all about laugh, and YES we appreciate when kids and adults are laughing out loud in our candy store

POP is of course about popularity. Yes we really think that handmade candies are popular.

SO, if we combine it we get: Popular candy that makes you SMILE.

Ideal candidate

LOL&POP prefer you to be outgoing person, young (under 40 y.o.), with kid (s), marketing background and real will to change your life and open your business.

Training & Support

Brand-named identity and logo with trademark protection

• Equipment blueprints

• 1 month candy training at your location

• 3D visualization for a candy store

• 2 weeks on-location support after store opening

• Operating manuals, policies, procedures

and business management systems

• Assistance in finding the best suppliers in your region

• On-going operational support

• On-going updates for increasing profitability and maintaining a fresh image

• Marketing and advertising materials, support, development of a marketing strategy for your region

• Your own page on the website, an online store for the region

• Design package (stickers, banners, guides, catalogues etc.)

Additional information

Shop area required: 50-100 sq.m.

Number of employees required in LOL&POP unit: 4-5

Return on Investment (in months): 12-14