Main information

Total investment
€ 15,000 - 150,000
Franchise fee
€ 9,400 - 40,000

About the company

Surf’n’Fries is the next big thing thanks to strong branding, creative packaging solutions, top quality products and new technology that makes first healthy potato fries in the world.

In todays QSR world there are defined subcategory leaders; for hamburgers (McDonalds), chicken (KFC), sandwiches (Subway) etc.
Interestingly, there is still an empty slot since there is no category leader for French fries – this is where Surf’n’Fries see huge opportunity. Surf’n’Fries fits perfectly into this slot and it offers a solution to health issue concerns regarding fried potatoes.

Proven track record – Growth
Surf’n’Fries grew from first to over 40 stores in only 4 years. International development, started in Croatia expanded to Austria, Turkey, Slovenia and Bosnia. At moment stores are about to be launched in Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Montenegro and Romania.
Surf’n’Fries sells close to 1000 tons of potato per year.

Unique Packaging
Surf’n’Fries has most unique, brand promoting and functional packaging in the world Surf’n’Fries packaging entered finals of PRO Carton contest in Vienna and is preseted in ArtPower book as worlds best solutions for packaging.

New technology – Fries made with hot air
LightFry technology uses steam to cook the potatoes from the inside and then hot air to make it crunchy on the outside.
Not one drop of frying oil is used in the cooking process.

Ideal candidate

SURF’N’FRIES franchisees should meet the following criteria:

  • A person, who is open to new concepts
  • A person with creative approach

Training & Support

We will provide you with:

  • full training for the owner and employees
  • support for opening the restaurant
  • overall support

Additional information